Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Journey of Gratitude - Day 26

Through my experiences on this journey of gratitude I have learned that expressing thankfulness is one aspect of gratitude.  Feeling gratitude is another aspect.  Being in the state of gratitude amplifies both expression (thoughts) and feeling and creates a different energy--a new vibration that is more powerful than its separate parts.  Being in the state of being called gratitude, this new energy moves from being in the mind only into the body and expands both.  It truly becomes a body-mind-spirit experience of gratitude.

I felt the shift more deeply this morning.  Instead of my awareness being experienced in my mind, my conscious awareness going up & out, the expansion of gratitude dropped down & in so that I experienced body-mind-spirit all in gratitude at once--as one being state.

This was an experience of deepening that opened greater understanding of who I am beyond this physical body.  I feel a healing of separation happening, not yet complete, but spreading.  A blending that is at once curious and exciting.

You know that experience where you reach a certain point and the experience takes on a life of its own and continues to grow and spread exponentially?  It feels very much like the beginning of new life--three things (thoughts, feeling and state of being) coming together in creation.  The big bang theory.  The beginning of new life.  An expansion in control of itself.

I feel it in my cells as well as my thoughts.  Something new and different has been creating and is developing organically on its own. 

Just as I was excited about meeting the new life that was growing within me each time I was pregnant, I feel new life growing within me now--body-mind-spirit and I am excited about the possibilities and the final outcome when what has been created is birthed into my life.

Today I feel a new state of gratitude growing within me and I am most thankful for the changes I feel.  This journey is giving birth to a new me and I am excited about meeting her when she is ready to be born anew into this reality.

As always, I would love to hear about your experiences, your questions and your stories.

In gratitude,

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