Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gratitude Experiment--Day 5

Resistance--what a great teacher! It was inevitable this resistance. The conscious mind doesn't think much of change after all and loves the status quo. To spend time in the state of gratitude--and gratitude IS a state of being--opens you up to change. And resistance arises, like an old pair of slippers.

I embraced my resistance and expressed gratitude for it. 'Thank you resistance! How wonderful to see you again old friend. I acknowledge and honor you as being part of who I am. Welcome.' It seemed insane at first to embrace my resistance because, after all, we resist feeling it don't we? But what we resist persists. And so we sat together--my resistance and me. Just sat in gratitude that I actually had resistance--realizing that resistance has a positive intention, which is to keep my safe.

And in that moment of safety I felt the shift. How precious is life! My life, regardless of what I do or don't have, despite the situations I find myself in--my life IS precious. Your life is precious. The very act of living is precious.

Last night my husband & I attended a charity gala. I got all 'gussied up' as my mother called it and Jim wore his tux. We've always had a great time before at this annual gala, but this year was a very different experience. The room was noisy & chaotic and several of the people at our table spent the evening drinking and texting rather than talking.

So we left early and came home. I quickly shed the fancy clothes and slipped into my favorite pair of flannel pajamas. Just the man I love and myself--together and grateful.

That experience last night showed me what I value most--a life of simplicity with people I love and who love me right back. Being myself in every moment. Being grateful for all my experiences--whether I like them or not.

So there I sat in my flannel pajamas filled with happy smiling frogs. Nothing to prove, nothing to do, nothing to be--just me in the moment. Content, happy and grateful for everything.

Enjoying the essence of my life now.

In gratitude,


Gregg said...

wanted to let you know that since reading your column in the Paradise post(in August) it has launched me on a quest to change my sometimes negative thinking habits. I am encountering the resistance to which you refer and I guess that is to be expected after over 50 years of ingrained thinking
thanks for providing my direction .

BonnieStrehlow said...

You are most welcome Gregg! Ingrained thinking & subconscious programming hold such power & sway in our lives. It's like giving the keys to your car to a 3 year old and saying "Have fun and make wise choices!" then being surprised when life turns out differently than you thought it would.

Ingrained thinking can be changed in an instant with the right 'tool' and changed through gratitude thinking and living. No matter what road to change you take--keep your eye on the prize.

Thanks again Gregg. Keep reading--there is much more to come over the next month!


Dr. Katie said...

Hi Gregg - thank you for your comment on my Paradise Post article! It is a terrific feeling when your words touch someone. And the fact that in the unified field and the global energy-net, my words went all the way back to one of my 'heart homes' in Hawaii.

Blessings and congratulations on 'breaking up with' your negative thinking! Hugs, Katie