Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Possible Dream

You create in the unified field. Whatever you have in your life, you have participated in creating. That can either be good news or bad, depending on how content you are with what you find around you.

You can know from the science of quantum physics that your thoughts are in fact things, and that they are the energy of creation. What you think about and put your energy toward is what you are consistently creating in your life.

So what is your dream? What would fill your life with delight if you cleared your intention to manifest it in your life?

This is not an idle question, unless you put your focus, your intention on what you truly want, it reduces the probability that it will show up. Think about the people you know, or know about, that have achieved their dreams, no matter how long it may have taken.

One of my favorite stories is the story of a woman with a brilliant voice who always wanted to sing. She was deprived of oxygen during birth and was diagnosed with learning difficulties. She was a quiet, plain child, ridiculed by the other children in school. She lived very simply as an adult, taking care of her aging mother and never marrying, or even dating. A woman with a gifted voice, who for most of her 50 years sang only in the choir. She finally made a few demos, expanding her love of music, and even entered and won several local singing competitions.

When an opportunity to audition for a large national talent program appeared, she almost decided to pass it up, telling herself that people are always judged on how they look, not on who they are, or even how strong their talent is. The most critical thing is, she held on to her dream even though in other auditions she had been mocked for her appearance and dismissed as too old, to odd, and too unattractive.

When she walked on stage for this particular audition, in front of millions of tv viewers and a panel of people who rolled their eyes and expected the worse, she stepped into the fulfillment of her dream. She knew that for her, the unified field had shifted to accommodate the dream she had been holding all her life. That moment in time changed not only the life of Susan Boyle, as she sang the song I Dreamed a Dream with amazing passion and beauty, it also changed the life of many girls, women, and even men who thought they could continue to tell themselves that their dreams could not come true.

Susan Boyle demonstrated to the world that your Dream can be fulfilled in your life when you believe in it, and believe in yourself, even if no one else does! Her unwavering belief in herself deep inside, was the difference between Susan Boyle prior to her appearance in 2009 on Britain’s Got Talent, and her life after that amazing appearance.

Susan put all of her energy toward the outcome she desired, she clarified what she wanted in her life, and she made every step move her toward the outcome of that dream, she took the action steps necessary to be the Susan Boyle she wanted to be.

What is your dream? Have you clarified what you want? Have you clarified what you want to be and do in your life? And are you willing to take the steps toward that outcome?

Faith in yourself is a matter of action, it is not a passive behavior, it means keeping all of your steps moving toward your goals. There may be setbacks, there may be what appear to be gaps – but things are always moving into your goal as long as you keep your goal clearly in mind.

What stops you from seeing the outcome or appearance of your dream immediately? It is important to know that it always exists for you. Your dream is just waiting for you to allow yourself to receive it. Does that sound unreal – or not real? What is the difference between those who see their results right away and those who see them show up much later in life, or not at all? The difference is the unconscious focus of intention.

You often hear that all you need to do is to simply state what you want to yourself, or say your amazing One Command, and what you want is already there for you. It is there for you but you may be overlaying it with your focus on what you don’t want instead.

If you dream of, or ask for, or better yet One Command for, a particular thing, then it is there. And if you then immediately start thinking of its opposite and putting intensity and energy into what you don’t want, your subconscious does not know the difference between good or bad, want and don’t want – it simply creates what you are putting your attention on. If you keep saying, I hope I don’t trip, your unconscious hears, I hope I trip, and often you do. What if you put your focus on, I walk with ease and grace, you probably will!

Could Susan Boyle have found her success earlier in her life? Very likely…were there things that took precedence…apparently there were. We get distracted from our dreams by other things in our lives and often do not recognize, or even believe, that we can have it all.

Think about your own life, are there things you let go of? Are there opportunities you ignored or didn’t see until they were already gone? It’s ok, you are here now, present in your own life. Now is the time to go for clarity and keep your focus on what you want, what is meaningful in your life, what is your dream.

Go to youtube – watch any Susan Boyle video, watch the response of the audience when she walks out – watch her spunk as she knows she is now in the right place at the right time, and watch the amazement of the judges and the audience as she starts to sing.

This is your time, your Susan Boyle moment, what has been in your heart to do, be and have?

Be here now, live Your Dream, trust your creative ability in the unified field.

Blessings, Katie

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