Monday, September 19, 2011

The Meaning of Life

I think the meaning of life means to be Free. What do you find is the meaning of life?
Being free means for me, not having excess baggage. I was always pretty good that way prior to my 50s. I embraced every neat job/career opportunity - from being a psychologist at UCLA, to teaching English and psychology in Japan, to starting my own businesses, and learning healing techniques all over the world.
I collected some ‘things’, gorgeous teak statues from Bali, a kimono and tea bowls from my Tea Ceremony training, batik from Malaysia – all neat stuff that I ultimately gave away. I thought I was missing all the ‘ownership’ genes.
And then I hit my 40s. My mom was ill and so my travels stopped, but I still started another new business and moved to another state for the excitement. And then I hit my 50s and not only was my mom ill, but I had a life-threatening illness – so I started seeking ‘safety’ outside of myself. I bought a house, property and started collecting things (guess what - collectibles are NOT such a good idea). The market of course dropped not only for collectibles but for houses and property as well – so my sense of ‘safety’ went down my new toilet.
What I found as my body-mind began to heal was a collectible that paid back – it gave me a way to access my greater capacity and pull together all the techniques I had learned all over the world. I found the missing link to everything I had learned and could bring together ho’ponopono, EFT, Reiki, quantum physics, etc. and provide the Core that holds it all together – it is called The One Command and it is really useful in changing my life.
When I go to the theta brainwave – the brainwave beyond alpha that actually connects directly with the subconscious), and I say I don’t know how I easily let go of emotional fear, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled, or I don’t know how I embrace my freedom and exuberance for life, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled.
Knowing from quantum physics and the study of epigenetics that we can change our DNA with our own thoughts and words has been tremendously liberating for me.
What works for you? What have you learned that finally makes it all work and finally helps you Witness your own Mastery?
Hugs, Katie

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